Leasing employees is hiring labour from another company to do your work for you.

You let us know how many employees you need and with which qualifications. We'll find you the suitably qualified employees and hire them as part of our team. The employees will start working on your site under a staff leasing contract. It can't get any easier than that!

The employees are formally hired by us and you only lease them, so there are no responsibilities or duties on your end as an employer. If you're not happy with the employee, we'll find you a new one.

It is suitable if:

  • you urgently need temporary staff;
  • you don't know where or how to find workers;
  • you don't want to employ extra people in your company and be responsible for them;
  • you are reluctant to work with migrant workers;
  • you're fed up with wasting time and energy on searching for and selecting new employees.
  • Saving time and effort as you don't have to find and select workers yourself.
  • Reduction of costs related to permanent staff
  • Minimising the company's tax burden with every leased worker
  • Protecting your business from fines and litigation with employees
  • Increasing the number of employees without changing the number of staff in your company
  • Legal use of temporary workers and cheap migrant labour

The cost of leasing staff is calculated individually for each employer, as the calculation of the price of leasing staff is based on the number of workers required, their qualifications and the volume of work they are expected to do. One thing's for sure, it's not more expensive than hiring a local skilled worker.