Fields of operation

Our main goal is to provide your company with a skilled workforce that is a key asset in achieving your goals.

  • Employee leasing offers versatile solutions for both the employee and the customers.
  • Leasing labour from Ake OÜ is a quick and easy way to find professional labour.
  • An employee leased from us is on our payroll but under the management of the client.
  • The leasing service offered by Ake OÜ is a convenient solution for the client, as we offer to replace the employee as quickly as possible in case of unsuitability.

We operate 24/7 and are ready to help you on Friday evenings and weekends as well.

We mainly recruit professionals from Ukraine.

Leasing labour helps fill vacancies at a time of labour shortages in Estonia and improves your competitive advantage by increasing turnover and profits, thus ensuring your ability to take on bigger and more projects.

We take care of immigration, housing, documentation, remuneration and everything else. Our goal is to find employers suitable employees as soon as possible, based on their needs and wishes.

Clients pay us according to our invoices that are based on the actual hours the employee worked. Salaries, sick pay, holiday pay and other employee-related expenses are borne by us.

Our aim is to help you recruit the best and most suitable employee in your field.


For the metalworking industry, we offer labour leasing for all positions. The employees are selected by our recruiter from a wide range of candidates to ensure a high quality workforce. Our employees have years of experience in the field. The employees in the selection are certified MIG and MAG welders, TIG welders, CNC operators and setters as well as locksmiths.


Examples of people who work in the woodworking industry include certified carpenters, (manual) milling machine operators, sawmill operators and planer operators.


In the catering sector, we mainly offer employment leasing for bakers, pastry cooks and chefs. People with long experience in this sector are highly motivated and flexible with working hours.


We already have available, or we will quickly find you: Sanitary technicians, carpenters, plasterers, painters or general builders


We provide line workers and specialised staff for various fields. Get in touch with us whenever you need an extra hand. Our current partnerships are in industries including the food, shoe and leather, metal, wood and glass industries.


We have an extensive business network in Ukraine, Belarus, India, Pakistan and other countries. Within 2-3 weeks, we can find you a Java or Python Senior Level Specialist who we can relocate to Estonia or who is willing to work remotely. All specialists have international experience and have undergone very thorough training.

What is the recruitment process like?

  • 1

    We will need to know what level and experience you're looking for, as well as the requirements for their technical skills.
  • 2

    Then we'll start searching.
  • 3

    We'll find you the developer you need and conduct the first interview. The developer then undergoes tests.
  • 4

    If the person has progressed to the next round, we will put you in touch with them.
  • 5

    If all goes well, we'll start with the paperwork for the application process and bring them to Estonia. We’ll find them housing.
  • 6

    We will bring the person to your office.