If there's a need for an employee, there's also just the right person for the job somewhere.

Akerman will bring the two together.

Your business
The right employee
Your business
The right employee

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Production efficiency is often reduced due to labour shortages that have been present in the market for quite some time. It is very hard to find a good, qualified person these days.

Even if all the company's employees are at their posts, additional manpower in the form of HR specialists, accountants, standardisers, safety engineers, etc. is needed to keep the company running.

Operating according to old schemes means increasing the size of the workforce, which in turn reduces the profitability of production.

There is, however, a modern approach to staffing – it's called employee leasing.

When an owner or manager approaches a company that leases employees, they benefit from the following prospects:
The need for specialists in the workforce will be eliminated.
All labour disputes with employees will be settled by the partner company.
Leased employees are not subject to taxes.
Leased employees are not subject to reporting.
The company is able to operate within a limited budget and workforce size.
If the employees are foreigners, the company leasing them will prepare all the necessary formal documents, etc.
There are many nuances to this. It allows the company's core employees to focus on their primary tasks, enhancing production efficiency. Leasing additional staff is just another means to achieve this goal.
It will allow executives to focus on their primary tasks and supervisory duties.
No need to spend money on advertising on websites and in newspapers to attract labour. There's also no need to spend time interviewing and training new staff.
Job duties will be performed by people who are prepared, have received the necessary instruction and are familiar with their field – this means they won't have to spend a lot of time learning the nuances of the field upon being hired.